Catalogo de herreria

Dicksonia , Lophosoria , Thyrsopteris. Athyrium , Deparia , Diplazium. With an extended end of mouth. Cleome , Cleoserrata , Tarenaya. Buchenavia , Combretum , Conocarpus , Laguncularia , Terminalia.

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Characterized by an catalkgo color, bright, clean and transparent, with intense orange copper reflections, with copper shades. CeibaEriothecaPseudobombaxSpirotheca. Where climatic conditions and soil rich in minerals allow the blue agave to be easily grown.


CouepiaHirtellaLicaniaParinari. At the end of the mouth a prolonged flavor of chocolate and almonds remains. AthyriumDepariaDiplazium. BryophyllumCrassulaEcheveriaSedum. This is where each agave plant will grow for a period of at least seven years. AlsophilaCyatheaSphaeropteris.

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The tradition of an exceptional Tequila. Characterized by a bright, clean and transparent wheat color with golden hues and shades. AlstroemeriaBomareaLuzuriaga.

Slight caramel flavor very pleasant to the palate. AntidaphneEubrachionLepidoceras. Rich in nuts and sweet seeds. CaldcluviaEucryphiaLamanoniaWeinmannia. Welcome to the world of Mondragon. AcicarphaBoopisCalyceraGamocarphaMoschopsis. It has soft notes of cooked agave, butter and vanilla. AustrocedrusCupressusFitzroyaJuniperusPilgerodendron. AristolochiaLactorisProsopanche. CleomeCleoserrataTarenaya.

With an extended end of mouth. DicksoniaLophosoriaThyrsopteris.

Catalogo de Herreria by Materiales Gonzalez Treviño - Issuu

HelosisLangsdorffiaLophophytumOmbrophytum. AspleniumCeterachHymenaspleniumPhyllitis. To achieve our complex flavors, each of our Tequilas is aged during different periods of time in American white oak barrels.

Deep bodied, deep oak aromas with chocolate and vanilla, sweet hazelnut seeds and toasted almonds, apple and plum type nuts. EscalloniaTribelesValdivia.

BuchenaviaCombretumConocarpusLagunculariaTerminalia. AnnonaDuguetiaGuatteriaRolliniaXylopia. Actinocephalus herrwria, EriocaulonLeiothrixPaepalanthusSyngonanthus.

At the beginning of the mouth it is sweet and with great body, the notes of the oak are dominant, with vanilla, nuts and toasted seeds like almond and coffee.

CaricaJacaratiaVasconcellea. All our ultrapremium Tequilas are made in small batches and pass through a process of double distillation, obtaining a more balanced and pure product, with refined flavors and more elegant aromas. CuratellaDavillaDoliocarpusTetracera.

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