Arihant quantitative aptitude

The book entails explanations, examples as well as fully solved exercises. It is very helpful in basics and example oriented explanation with solved problems and practice exercises given from easy to hard level. These are the recommended books for the written exams:

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From forming sentences, to using verbs, relative pronouns and much more, High School English Grammar and Composition is a book that can guide you on every step of the way, as you study English Grammar in detail.

It is one of the best-selling reference guides that will help you get your elementary mathematics right. Aptituve Delmar Learning India Pvt. While it is quite natural to worry about laying your hands on the best aptitude books possible, understand that it is not the factor that is going to determine your success in the exam.

Very good type of questions are available About the Author Born in Rio de Janeiro inPaulo Coelho worked as a composer, a journalist and as an author and director for the theatre before dedicating his life to books. It comprehensively covers a wide range of questions asked in such examinations, including the ones asked on logical deduction. MBA aspirants are usually worried about a lot of aspects about their CAT preparation, and choosing the right preparatory resources ranks right up there.

The book is broadly divided into eleven parts. Speaking very frank, It reduces the time in gathering sources from different books for pure Civil Service aspirant.

Quantitative Aptitude Books

Once upon a time, in small-town India, there lived two intelligent boys. She has won many awards for the contributions made in the field of history.

The rest of the two sections of Indian Polity are concerned with the various Constitutional bodies and Union Territories respectively. Starting with the simpler side of hardware and the language, the book then proceeds towards technical details and instructions as required.

Here are your options. What is the best quantitative aptitude book or online source for bank exams? Why should you buy it? While the last two books focus on a lot of grammar which may not be that significant for the CAT, understanding some basic concepts will definitely improve your performance in the verbal section of the CAT. It is an analytical piece of work that is immensely helpful for researchers and students of political science. Madhav wanted a relationship.

But this book is certainly of great help if the person is not an expert already. Invite friend Tutoring Application Builder.

Into its sixth edition, this book already a bestseller, is now a must-read for thousands of aspirants appearing in civil services and various other competitive examinations. Book Publisher Approx Price: He is an alumnus of Kirori Mal College.

Reasoning and Aptitude

The revised edition of A New Approach to Reasoning will help candidates master the 'Tricks of the Trade' as it aptituude all the three types of reasoning very much comprehensively. Authored by Rajesh Verma Publisher: The newer editions provide readers with an overview of the Indian economy in the new millennium with the objective assessments of various leaders like Atal Bihari Vajpayee, Indira Gandhi and Manmohan Singh being analyzed.

Chetan also writes for leading English and Hindi newspapers, focusing on youth quantitafive national development based issues. The book begins by giving you a brief idea of how this book was written.

The second part concerns itself with the climate, weather and vegetation.

He has been married to Christina Oiticica since For detailed information about each book you should read the blog on Best Books for Quantitative Aptitude on Exambazaar. This edition is entirely rewritten and gives the student the option of using either the Laplace transform method or the classical method to solve problems on transients in circuits.

Below is a quick list of the best books you should reference. Provides practice questions with difficulty levels — Warm up, Foundation, Moderate, Advanced.

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