Between two ages brzezinski

Its place had been filled by the more pervasive but less tangible influence of American economic presence and innovation as they originated directly from the United States or were stimulated abroad by American foreign investment the latter annually yielding a product considerably in excess of the gross national product of most major countries. Brzezinski lays out the progression from the industrial to post-industrial age, in a coherent manner. The creation of the global information grid, facilitating almost continuous intellectual interaction and the pooling of knowledge, will further enhance the present trend toward international professional elites and toward the emergence of a common scientific language in effect, the functional equivalent of Latin.

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At the beginning of the s the United States had more than 66 per cent of its age group enrolled in educational institutions; comparable figures for France and West Ger- many were about 3 1 per cent and 20 per cent, respectively. The inclusion of Japan is important because Japan is a world power.

Brzezinski — Between Two Ages

Transnational ties are gaining in importance, while the claims of nationalism, though still intense, are nonetheless becoming diluted. Nineteenth-century European Marxism, originally addressed to an urban proletariat only recently divorced from rural life, is romantically adapted to the conditions of industrially backward twentieth-century global ghettos.

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The issue of political participation is a crucial one. Yet it is generally true, as the author of a suggestive paper notes, that "the vision and obj ectives of society [have] changed. None of these could prove effective in a system of relatively distinctive and sovereign units; but the appearance of rapid communications, which created not only physical proximity but also instant awareness of distant events, rbzezinski the onset of the nuclear age, which for the first time made truly destructive global power available to at least two states, fundamentally altered the pattern of international conflict.

This copy of Between Two Ages: Whether the less developed countries grow rapidly or slowly, or not at all, almost inevitably many of them will continue to be " dominated by intensifying feelings of psychological deprivation.

The non-Russian states in the Soviet Union are perhaps the only exception to nationalism's successful dissolution of colonial empires. More than that, Marxism represented in its time the most advanced and systematic method for analyzing the dynamics of social development.

It is a society increasingly difficult to delineate in terms of its outer Cultural and economic boundaries.

The concept of national interest — based on geographical factors, traditional animosities or friendships, economics, and security consid- erations — implied a degree of autonomy and specificity that was possible only so long as nations were sufficiently separated in time and space to have both the room to maneuver and the distance needed to maintain separate identity.

Under the headline "Study Terms Technology a Boon to Individualism," 4 The New York Times reported the preliminary conclusions of a Harvard project on the social significance of science. Buy with confidence, excellent customer service! In Illinois alone had a larger gross product than all of Africa; California, more than all of China.

Aages is estimated that by roughly one-half of Ceylon's expected one million unemployed will have certificates of higher education "The International Report," The Economist, June 15,p. One must set aside one's own personal beliefs regarding Dr. Weapons of total destructive power can be applied at any point on the globe in a matter of minutes — in less time, in fact, than it takes for the brzezniski in a major city to respond to an emergency call.

In the industrial society technical knowledge was applied primarily to one specific end: The entire globe is in closer reach and touch than a middle-sized European power was to its own capital fifty years ago. Potentially, do governing elites need to resort to genetic and chemical alterations of human mind to bring societal equilibrium?

Ola Bini rated it brzezinsku was amazing May 17, Even our senses perceive an entirely novel "reality" — one of our own making but nevertheless, brzezinskk terms of our sensations, quite "real. Nov 08, Colm Gillis rated it really liked it. Emerging rational humanismlinked to political reforms, will gradually enlarge the scope of personal betweem and give greater meaning to equality by making knowledge the basis for social and racial egalitarianism.

Do you find it the least bit strange that this book predates the founding of the Trilateral Commission, Jimmy Carter becoming President, then appointing the author to be head of National Security while both of them are listed as founding members of the TC created just three brzfzinski earlier?

In Asia, cities inhabited by impoverished and unproductive masses have grown rapidly in recent years not because of employment opportunities but because of rural poverty and insecurity. The Ambivalent Disseminator The United States is the principal global disseminator of the technetronic revolution. At the more advanced level of the age bracket, the American figure was 12 per cent while that for West Germany, the top Western European country, was about 5 per cent.

The third and fourth groups, those containing the majority of the world's population and experiencing at best only brzezinsmi effective progress, will in all likelihood be the centers of volatile political activity, resentment, tension, and extremism.

However, beforeAmerican domestic progress showed a positive census with increase in social prosperity, personal security and vast opportunity asserts the advantage of the technological era.

The inclination of the doctrinaire left to legitimize means by ends could lead them to justify more social control on the ground that it serves progress. Humanity is becoming more integral and intimate even brzesinski the differences in the condition of the separate societies are widening. During this same period the number of new jobs in these countries will increase by only million, according to projections of current growth rates.

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