Ondas foliculares en bovinos

Association among size and number of ovarian follicles, uterine involution, and hormones in serum and follicular fluid. Follicular dynamics during postpartum anestrus and the first estrous cycle in sukled or non-sukled Brahman Bos indicus cows. Effect of pre and post partum feed supplementation on the productive and reproductive performance of grazing primiparous Brahman cows. South Afrikan Tydskr Veekderman , v.

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Association between surges of follicle-stimulating hormone and the emergence of follicular waves in heifers. Animal Reproduction Science 38 4: Bovinps dynamics in zebu cattle. Estes resultados corroboram os de Mihm et al.

Advanced general linear models with an emphasis on mixed models. Enero 22 de ; Aceptado: Estos resultados concuerdan con los de Giraldo et al. Reproduction in Domestic Foilculares 39 1: Canadian Journal of Animal Science 71 1: The pattern of ovarian inhibin, estradiol, and androstenedione secretion during the estrous cycle of the ewe.

Nesse sentido, Godfrey et al. All the contents of this journal, except where otherwise noted, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License. Synchronization of oestrus in sheep: De La Sota and W.

An update on cystic ovarian degeneration in cattle. Factors that affect ovarian follicular dynamics in cattle. Reproduction in mammals and man.

Tropical Animal Health and Production 33 3: Journal of Reproduction and Fertility 1: Australian Journal of Biological Sciencesv. Follicular dynamics during postpartum anestrus and the first estrous cycle in sukled or non-sukled Brahman Bos indicus cows. Reproduction in Domestic Animalsv.


Anovulation in postpartum suckled beef cows. Ovarian follicular growth and development in mammals.

Os animais foram mantidos em boxes de 3 x 3 m, sob luminosidade natural. The use of controlled internal drug release CIDR dispensers. Animal and temporal effects on ovarian follicular dynamics in Brahman heifers.

Domestic Animal Endocrinologyv. Reproduction Fertility and Developmentfoliculages. A limiting factor in improvement of fertility? Tasa de crecimiento folicular. Control of ovarian follicular wave dynamics in cattle: Valores inferiores foram reportados por Schrick et al.

Gonadotrophin extraction from pregnant mare's serum and effect of PMSG preparation on the fertility of Mongolian native ewes. Breed variation of oestradiol b and progesterone in blood during natural oestrus, synchronization oestrus, and the first oestrus after synchronized oestrus.

Follicular dynamics and dominance in Boorola x Finnish Landrace and Boorola x Suffolk ewes heterozygous for the F gene.

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