Each succeeding year, he. Evary man on the Ice yesterday waa a left- hander, but there semed no need for a right-hander On the team. In the Grafonola Department St this store every size and style of Grafonola is presen- ted; also a complete library of the Columbia Double-Disc Records. Richard Klrkham, Nanalmo; Mr. On display in the Corset Sec- tion. Ix ughlln Jnhruon W. Tha public owncrahip papera hail the aeneral reaulfx of the election Saturday na a yreat triumph for pub- lic ownerahip prlnclplea. In fact, I auppoae I ahould have seen at onoe tlutt there really waa no way to ponlalv him.

A Splendid Assortment of Wool Sweaters, in newest pullover and coat styles. Thin s dio t. A curiosity among the amateurs was that the National Provincial Bank had four teams engaged. I I hw lifMl tet-l. That Is why we cannot underatand the difll- ctilUea with whteh Mr. BratttKtil view from wMe verstida. It will be left to the audiences to Judge whether this performer is a man or woman and the deception Is all th harder for the fact that he or she. Mataaa, koa- taith, Meltae and Tolmia.

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Watt, Miss Mara, Mrs. Women’s Gunmetal Boots, with military heels.


Tho shortage of officers or “gttidors” Is the gftetvst handicap In t]yo move- rasnt at the present tlmo. Linen Handkerchiefs twrarhand-embroidered. Service will be held In B. Ji four million dollar paper mill is to be erected at Port Angeles. It is the’ aim of the. Communication had been Interrupted lately because of a break In one of the cables off the west coast of South America.

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Stomteh doelng le no- longer necessary. Un- der the direction of Mr. The delay was due to dirty boilers and bad c oal. When ieavihg they said: Frame shed on l-ol Violin Cases Plain black wood, with lock. Tba matter of cutting wood waa tabled.

Im shades of cream, sky, pink, Copen- hagen, jade, taupe and brown. February 14 — FJrat PresbytarlanO va. Apply Box lit, Colonlat.

White Jap Silk, in a good even weave and tine texture; a desirable drcaaea or waiaU. Heat When a letter from. Tou ran things with a dols hand much all last Winter, huse I’m going to be boss from now on. J —The rt-cent fam y work rale and druwlng of the Haatloa Chapter.


The second period ran with the Klks, scor- ing three straight goals. HK S P pi Ires paid ar poultry, f’hrne Mas Lot 7 morant SiraeU Vletorla.

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Timirr got no support. Pollard, supervisor of singing. Nothing apart from the house and tba furui- tara waa destroyed. Seme of the miraculous work wan d.

Ktmn – Taiapbonaa SIt. Straith in goal made some great stops. Magulre, concluded the Say’a events. Dainty Handkerchiefs, of nice quality, embroidered in white and colors; 2 in box.

WILL tha eolls who loot babya mtt aa Sunday laal. Louis, where she received her early training. This means that labor will not be represented in this body. Metals, with an Increase of 1.

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