Eventually a breakaway group of humans left the Colonial Council and settled planets beyond the star Polaris , taking that name for their people. Mon Jun 30, Throughout the course of the game, the player can choose to pilot bigger and better ships — ultimately leading to powerful capital ships with alien technology — that can also carry more cargo, and can also obtain controllable escort ships. Ars Tribunus Militum et Subscriptor. By and large, the Rebellion is made up of older pilots and a great deal of their funding comes from the Association of Free Traders. Once again the council was thrust into war, this time to regain the lost colonies.

On inhabited planets, the player can refuel their ship, find and accept missions, trade commodities, buy ships or ship upgrades, and hire escorts. That Vell-os storyline was neat, also loved the Polaris storyline, Aurorans had some sick looking ships too. Nova didn’t do it with me. The Auroran weapons are very heavy but they deal a lot of damage. Once I’ve got hypergate access, it’s time to pick a storyline. Mar 28, Posts: The first explorers from Earth to go faster than the speed of light used devices known as hypergates, developed by Omata Kane.

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There are many ways to play Nova ; for example, a starting player seeking funds can become a trader or courier, delivering cargo between worlds; become a pirate or bounty hunter, attacking and disabling ships to steal their money, cargo, or the ships themselves; become involved in one of the main storylines; or even conquer the galaxy by subjugating worlds.

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Best to view the fan sites and avoid the aggravation altogether! Your storuline or email address: How many storylines are available now? The two most interesting, from a tech standpoint, pirats the Vell-OS thread and the Polaris thread.

Mon Jun 30, 8: By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Although they have managed to acquire some Polaron technology and steal a few of the less powerful Federation warships, their sparse numbers prevent them from fighting anything other than minor battles.


By and large, the Rebellion is made up of older pilots and a great deal of their funding comes from the Association of Free Traders. Some major and minor storylines branch into others so that, for example, a player in the midst of the Federation story-line can, along dtoryline way, choose to join the Rebellion instead.

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At the start of the game, the Federation is the latest in a line of Earth based governments, succeeding the Colonial Council. Escape Velocity is set in the future where Space ships dominant the Galaxy.

They were led out to space, united by their telepathic powers by the Indian prince Vell-os in around A. Omega View Profile View Posts. They are the most populous of the blocs, but, since they remain largely uninterested in technology, one of the least technologically advanced.

The lowest rank possible is T6 all normal humans are at this level with no actual telepathic abilityand starting with actual telepathic powers at T5, continues downward until T0, the highest rank a telepath can ever achieve.

I’m not much for combat, so I haven’t been going after pirates very often. I got the Polaris mission string by completing the warrior culture string and becoming a super warrior first. The Auroran Empire is one of the main political blocs in the game. You’ll now need to set a trap so fly back to the Aral system and land again. And I love the fact that the best ships have to be captured – they’re not available at any price.

The land of socks and Birkenstocks Registered: Their ships are usually normal civilian ships, slightly upgraded, although sometimes a Starbridge or Valkyrie joins in the fleet. Use of the singular ‘plot’ indicates to me you only played it once seeing as how there are numerous plots. They are far more organized, and frequently smuggle illegal drugs and other goods.

The first explorers from Earth to go faster than the speed of light used devices known as hypergates, developed by Omata Kane. Keep me logged in on this device Stoyline your username or password? It should be noted that until they decided to sue for peace the Vell-os were easily holding their own against the more numerous Council forces. Dev NullNov 19, The first expedition that ventured in the direction of the North Star was arranged by Kerrell Polaris, who died three days before it was started.


They normally attack in the center of Auroran space, and have their own base hidden inside an asteroid field.

Aww, I guess I’ll wait some more, maybe when the game reaches version 1 there would be more storylines. When you do you’ll then decide to see the Rebels on Rebel II. A single story-line can take anywhere from an hour to several days to play to completion, depending on the player’s level of experience and preferred pace. The Wild Geese storyline can lead to either noca Auroran or Pirate storyline.

Federation, Auroran, and Polaris, and several smaller factions. The pirate mission string is the shortest in the game. This is the mission that triggers that conversation. Willd Ars Scholae Palatinae Tribus: Couple that with the fact that there are sometimes hidden criteria, like legal rating or combat rating, that must be met for the next trigger and you have the basis for incredible frustration!

Zyrxil Ars Legatus Legionis Tribus: I’ve played it through many times and I think I finished most of the plots.

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BUT I hate the clumsy plot mechanism, xtoryline is based on random chances of event triggering. Yep, the actual trigger mission for the Vell-Os actualy happens before the guy approuches you.

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