Programmable logic controllers by w. bolton

Extensive examples and chapter ending problems utilize several popular PLCs currently on the market highlighting understanding of fundamentals that can be used no matter the specific technology. Motors are termed unipolar if they are wired so that the current can only flow in one direction through any particular motor terminal, bipolar if the current can flow in either direction through any particular motor terminal. Consideration of the standards given by IEC and the programming methods of ladder, functional block diagram, instruction list, structured text and sequential function chart.

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The function block diagram equivalent can be shown as a feedback loop. The truth table is: What will be the accuracy with which the PLC will activate the output device if the thermocouple is connected to an analogue input with a range of 0 to 10 V d.

A range of analogue signal levels controllerw be accomodated, including conrtollers analogue inputs and outputs and direct thermocouple and RTD temperature inputs. This is used by the controller to signal that it is placing a command on the data lines. A problem that occurs is that the resistance of the strain gauge also changes with temperature and thus some means of temperature compensation has to be used so that the output of the bridge is only a function of the strain.

However, this is not the most useful way of writing negative numbers for ease of control,ers by computers. Brushes and a commutator are used to reverse the current through the coil every half rotation and so keep the coil rotating. The letter A is used to designate inputs and B outputs.


We can redraw this diagram in a different way, using two vertical lines to represent the input power rails and stringing the rest of the circuit between them. The slots are arranged in such a way that the sequential output from the sensors is a number in the binary code, each such number corresponding to a particular angular position.

The result is a flexible, cost effective, system which can be used with control systems which vary quite widely in their nature and complexity. This allows data to be transmitted over short distances at high speeds.

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This pulse is detected by the phototransistor and gives rise to a voltage in that circuit. Items moving Photoelectric sensor gives along signal to operate conveyor deflector Switch contacts opened when drill reaches the surface of the workpiece Deflector Drill Switch contacts opened when drill reaches required depth in workpiece Workpiece Switch contacts close when Deflected items workpiece in position a b Figure 1. Complete answers are provided in the back of the book.

With the Allen-Bradley PLC-5, the rack containing the processor is given the number 0 and the addresses of the other racks are numbered 1, 2, 3, etc.

Programmable Logic Controllers, Fifth Edition

Which of the function block diagrams in Figure 5. The error of a measurement is the difference between the result of the measurement and the true value of the quantity being measured errors can arise in a number of ways, e.

In this straightforward, easy-to-read guide, Bill Logif has kept the jargon to a minimum, considered all the programming methods in the standard IEC - in particular ladder programming, and presented the subject in a way that is not device specific to ensure maximum applicability to courses in electronics and control systems. Thus we might have the closing of programmable switch activating a relay which, in turn, switches on the current to a motor and causes the drill to rotate Figure 1.

Then the second rung down is read from left to right and so on.

Thus, for an automatic drilling machine as illustrated in Figure 1. Again methods have to be employed to enable communications from different terminals without messages becoming mixed up.

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However, after signal conditioning with relays, transistors or triacs, the output from the output channel might be a 24 V, mA switching signal, a d.

Thus the proximity of the object is detected by a change in capacitance. The term single acting programmabls Figure 2.

The first PLC was developed in Noise affecting both lines equally will have no effect on the transmitted signal. For example, is even since there is an even number of 1s and is odd since there is an odd number of 1s. Motors are termed unipolar if they are wired so that the current can only flow in one direction through any particular motor terminal, bipolar if the current can flow in either direction through any particular motor terminal.

The input to the converter is a sequence of bits with each bit along a parallel line. For metals the gauge factor is about 2 and for semiconductors about Some slight variations occur between the symbols when used in semi-graphic form and when in full graphic. The potentiometer thus provides an analogue linear or angular position sensor.

A station wishing to send a message on the bus will determine whether the bus is clear and, when it is, put its message frame on the bus.

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