I can’t wait too! This is so true. It was in Ep 5 when he was talking to HY. Edit this Page Edit Information. Now THAT would be totally awesome! The stuff this guy manages to say about himself with a straight face. Nobody would say anything except for how perfect they are.

I hate YoonJu just because she thinks she has a right to wreck the royal family for her own benefit Edit this Page Edit Information. I’m talking left out on the street, grandfather hates her, HY hates her, JW hates her, and the whole world knows her schemes comeuppance. It doesn’t look like they are doing much with the Lee Dan character anyways. SSH has so many unexpectedly cute scenes in this drama. I want my own HY.

Goong Episode 6 [English Substitles]

I will be really sad if that happens. One day, she receives some sbu news. I seriously don’t know what’s up with me. This show is adorable. Cut and pasted from Writer YY’s fan fic: Lee Ho Jae Head butler Gong. Mr Hand Towel drags prof with difficulty to nearby kitchen.

She looked really pretty in Hateful But Once Again with bangs, longer hair and looser clothes. I can’t wait til these gooddrwma get more entangled with eaxh other Apr 5, 24 of 24 episodes seen. I keep thinking of speedos and boxers. On their own they betray much more emotion, as Yoon-ju cries, and Jung-woo turns over a picture of them as he broods.

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It’s good to know that the mom truly loved Seol. Hae-young joins in on the broodfest, knowing episoed she left to go meet Jung-woo, and it IS kind of funny that he keeps getting left behind by women who are entangled with Jung-woo. She feels like she can rely on Yul to help her, but finds it difficult not to worry about her haughty, cold-hearted husband.


TV Goong Episode 2. In the next Wednesday I will only have 5 more days of vacation…more vacation or Jung-woo and Hae-young living together?

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That explains why the Chairman didn’t help Seol clear up her dad’s name. Also, bravo Kim Taehee. Enters Prof wrapped in a comforter Prof Comforter: JFMO January 21, at Please encourage them by leaving a comment below! She jumps up and down trying to pry the test out of his hands, and he totally pulls that oppa move of holding it above her head and laughing his ass off as she wastes all her energy trying to reach it.

Log in with Email. It’s all Izzie’s fault Seol is also very good at wheedling herself out of situations – which is cute in 5 episodes, but perhaps it gets on your nerves after 15 years? Of course the show has a plot, even harlequin romances have one. Not the reaction he was expecting.

Although I did see the Rhett-Scarlett emotional dynamic between them. Lee Yong Joo Supporting Cast. You have pushed over my earlier problems with your acting. He reminds me of Hwanhee actually for anyone watching Stormy Lovers.

She tries to worm her way out of the situation any way she can, but he basically bullies her into going along with it. We already have the opposition leader and any minions that Yoon-ju might have.

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I hope she won’t just run away from Yoon-ju after saying that she won’t run away from being a princess anymore. Yoon-ju The Destroyer walks in and introduces herself to Mom.


I mean, this is a woman that he’s “loved” for pretty much his entire life? Other reviews by this user. Im Ye Jin Supporting Cast.

D Any talented fanfic writer here? Chae Gyeong is an ordinary high school student. Most Popular Time Travel Dramas. She fumes at his clever answers for everything. Princess Hours Episode 6. Jan 11, – Emg 30, Aired Subb Wait, are they all going to live there too? See, looking at what I’ve just read What is up with that?

I just have to say that I just can’t stand Yoon-ju’s hairstyle! But I do think that there is no substance whatsoever beyond the goofs and round-eyed embarrassment, and those tend to wear thin, at some point. Yoon-ju presents Mom with the document that will put Seol in the royal family registry, and therefore out of theirs.

Let me build you a cross, oh righteous martyr. Mom stares in shock, and Hae-young sighs. My heart went out to Seul when she was crying and went “Oma To help bridge this gap, the senior members of the royal family take some special measures to get them to spend the night together.

It makes me think a little bit back to City Hall Now THAT would be totally awesome!

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