Susan offers tea which is odd, since Lyn owns the place and Lyn sits down. How will she tell her dad she’s pregnant when she’s not and that the fake baby is Andrew’s? However, Jade insists she Is this just another one of Tash’s attention-seeking stunts or is someone actually targeting her in a campaign to bring her down? Season Guides Specials … 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 All. Episode Ep 5 Jan 14,

Who will out-do who? Meanwhile, Sonya thinks Lucas is gambling again and decides to investigate. Garage All the stock has been loaded in the van and Brennan tries to make an escape route for Kate by saying that he’ll travel with the boys and call her later. Is he really looking out for Kate or himself? Lucas says he just got back from a GA meeting and that he’s staying at the shed for a while. But is Kyle thinking the same way? Number 32 Tash yells at her dad and says the whole affair is really embarrassing and wrong. This time his boss has him chasing after signatures — at any cost.

Lucas is wary, wanting to distance himself from Ramsay Street and Kate for a while, but Toadie reminds him he could bump epiaode Kate anywhere in Erinsborough. But someone is going to get suspicious, surely! Garland, however, points out that he can’t do that since she has Brennan’s phone.

Episode Ep Sep 22, However, Toadie’s not as supportive of the idea as she hoped he’d be.

Paul wants to get back in the good books with the Ramsay girls, however Kate doesn’t want anything to do with him. They hug it out, Lyn looking very relieved.

Home and Away 6111 2nd December 2014

Episode Ep Jun 20, Outside Police Station Mark is leading the crims inside and he tells Kate and Lucas that they’ll have to give statements. She unapologetically says that she thought the secrecy was because he was planning her birthday. Number 32 Lyn is leaving a message for the builders asking about her house. Meanwhile, Michael is so upset at his daughter he can’t even bring himself to look at her.


Look, you haven’t even let them airbrush out all the little jiggly bits! The trip unlocks a memory, however it leads to disastrous consequences, for all involved!

Episode Ep 6 Jan 17, The fallout ripples through the Ramsay Street Kate is angrily storming home when she bumps into Lucas. If you’re the weak link in the relationship then it’s only a matter of time before the other person finds out and they realise they’re too good for you.

She could walk free!

Kate returns from her trip to Sydney to be confronted by Mark and an accusation that she lied about the alibi she gave for Rebecca in Paul’s case. Meanwhile, Donna’s confronted by a troubling situation, she wants to help those in need at the hospital, but she can’t bring herself to go back to the place where Ringo died. Episide Ep Jul 8, I can’t wait to come home to neighbokrs home.

Kate comes to Kyle’s rescue when he’s down on his luck financially. That way she can practice her surprised face if it’s crap.

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Kate’s stuck in the middle of Brennan’s bust But who’s worse, Jade or Toadie? Everyone’s asking questions about Brennan’s whereabouts and Kate finds herself asking questions too. You just get the hots for another man’s wife and you just go for it? Meanwhile, Sonya tries to convince Jade she has no rights to Callum, having failed him as a mother all those years ago.

Sonya’s struggling after Toadie threatened her to stay away. Paul’s furious that Lyn tried to cheat him, so he goes out of his way to make her life even more unbearable. Episode Ep Jul 1, Tash certainly doesn’t like losing, but where will this end?

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However, Jade insists she play hard to get and Kyle gets in on the game to win Brennan back! Episode Ep 57 Mar 29, Jade thinks about leaving Erinsborough. Lucas says he just got back from a GA meeting and that he’s staying at the shed for a while. I want to hear what’s going on in your life. Is she planning something sinister to keep Andrew and Summer from being together? Episode Ep Oct 31, Kyle is worried about the continued tension between him and Kate after finding out about her one-night-stand, so he opens up to flatmate Michelle.


She needs answers and more than anything she needs to talk to Mark. How neighbouds they come back from the brink?

When fatigue overcomes him in class, Sophie suggests hypnosis to unlock his dreams. Will Paul fall for Rebecca’s Mark can see there’s no use arguing with her right now and asks what she wants to do.

Kate has stepped outside and Lucas arrives to talk to her. Episode Ep Oct 5, If he says he loves her one day, then Tash the next, how can she really trust his Enter the email address you used to create the account and your password will be emailed to you.

Episode Ep 44 Mar 10, In her wake she’s left a mountain of problems for Kate to deal with and Susan urges her to go to the police and tell them she lied about what Episode Ep 15 Jan 28, Episode Ep Sep 16, When Lucas digs for some dirt on Brennan, he catches him with a beautiful woman and gives Kate the heads up?

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