Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! Piano practice, autobahn hum, occasional birdsong. James Benning is a great filmmaker. In a way, perhaps its greatest achievement is to turn the capitalist logic of spectacle on its head: Sirens loop, coils of fog leech the air. No longer does the canvas merely depict what the traveller saw. Trivia Average Shot Length:

A sustained period of quiet in the middle invites a measurement of perception, a heightening of consciousness. Not long ago, I found myself seated a few rows away from the filmmaker at a screening of early films organized by cinema historian Tom Gunning. In the Ruhr it’s the same except there are Turks instead of blacks. Film is best suited for seeing and hearing things in the outside world, that is, a world outside of ourselves. But at least we have a legit broadcast to go on this time. Matthew, I feel kind of like one of those jackasses that called Bob Dylan a traitor when he went electric. The locations are as follows:

The second part of Dog Star Manan experimental film wherein a man climbs a mountain along with his dog.

At this point I wondered if I was in for a zigzagathon, given the lightning strike mames in scene one. Throughout RuhrBenning eschews beginnings and endings in favor of ongoing processes and cycles, whether natural, industrial, or religious.

The Films of Zeki Demirkubuz Above: The high-definition image is more painterly than 16mm, with sharp deep focus allowing for previously unimaginable detail, and Benning is indeed painting on a grand, at times even Romantic scale here, with deliberately composed images designed to engulf the viewer and a soundtrack at times incorporating what sounds like an electronic drone that attempts the same—which is why the cinema is still where his filmmaking belongs.

No longer does the canvas merely depict what the traveller saw. Through six seemingly random shots of the industrial Ruhr region in the west of Germany, he sketches a cinematically very interesting portrait of the area.

Kalvin, I think there is an element of brutality in the final shot, but not in the way you describe. Casting a Glance It’s a work of love: Way Down East Claire Denis on High Life. But his music, in some ways, is getting older and older which each new album. Benning points out, the shots were composed in a frame. His fixation seems to be set on images that on their own, as still pictures, wouldn’t tell a lot.


That last shot was brutal.

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What full HD shooting has afforded him is the possibility of playing with other forms of editorial shorthand, as announced with his Viennale trailer Fire and Rain, a Ruhr outtake that condenses one stage of the steel-making process into about 60 seconds, via invisible edits.

In long, unedited scenes, he shows his vision of, or amazement at, phenomena or landscapes that have long been considered a part of everyday reality. The power of these images, and the work as a whole, rests in their ability to preserve bennlng the same time as forging a temporal portrait of the region.

Not long ago, I found myself seated a few rows away from the filmmaker at a screening of early films organized by cinema historian Tom Gunning. The second half of Ruhr interrogates this concern at pointed benninh, fixing on the rubr tower of Schwelgern coke plant for a full hour.

Thyssen Krupp’s Schwelgern coke plant coke as in the purified carbon used in the steel industry The first six shots take up about an hour, and then the chimney at Rihr majestically reigns for the second hour. An unbroken shot lasts seven and a half minutes, a composite culled from two continuous hours of footage: You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin.

The Act of Seeing, Synthetically: James Benning’s “Ruhr” (2009, USA)

The conclusion of his adventure is delayed by many natural obstacles But does that give us a better understanding of benning thoughts and feelings?

Not as rigorous as Benning’s best though. A film about movement, time’s effect on it, and the ability of the digital image to capture these movements for sustained amounts of time.

Five times over, heated coal is drenched by 10, gallons of water, forcing a thick cumulus of vapour into the atmosphere. A frail waif, abused by her brutal boxer father in London’s seedy Limehouse District, is befriended by a sensitive Chinese immigrant with ruhg consequences.


natural history | Ruhr

Lots of interesting shots and clever juxtapositions. Milwaukee is in the “Rust Belt”, and there’s a large steel and manufacturing industry there that’s contracting as time goes on.

For a better experience on MUBI, update your browser. The calm is splendid, though I couldn’t see them I imagined birds sleeping in the trees.

And Ruhr changed my understanding of what might be an objective reality or a truth. Fuhr Benning is a great filmmaker. After years of shooting on 16mm and finally abandoning it for HD because of an endless series of processing and projection errors, Benning was about to enter further unexplored territory: The sky belongs to us now. In Milwaukee poor whites are played off against poor blacks. It seems contrary to human nature, but for the arts, I think so.

Our mission is to guide film lovers searching, lost or adrift in an overwhelming sea of content. So location, material and context wise – its new ground – which makes this a mix of strengths and weaknesses. bennong

The Act of Seeing, Synthetically: James Benning’s “Ruhr” (, USA) on Notebook | MUBI

Edit Storyline The American independent film maker James Benning has built up over the period of almost 40 years an oeuvre focusing on places and time.

Ruhr reminds us that the most spectacular attractions are only a matter of fixing a line of sight, letting the scars on our landscape disintegrate as the light falls from our eyes. At the end of the war, Odysseus, the wandering hero, with his companions begins his sail back home to the Mediterranean.

You can see his attraction to Ruhr though – a district built on an industrial basis – similar to his home of Milwaukee.

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