VP Yoon tells Won that the trip is in honor of final exams being over, which reminds Won to ask how Tan did this time around. People like KWB make acting look easy, natural, flowing, and I know acting is not easy, not always natural, not always flowing or effortless. Hope to see them collaborate again whether it’s another drama or musically. Not in real life? So its not like he has a choice. I have a reason for this: I liked that he was asking for professional help, but appealed to her motherly instinct.

It has made me reflect, has brought up memories, and because I am a linguist by training and at heart I really love languages, and what they tell you about the people who speak them , I am very sensitive to how things are pronounced and to how they convey the relationship between people and the interactions happening in the scene. Evil Dad -finally blew a gasket, felt really sad to see him lying there I just feel like I was expecting a little more. Like individualization, the amount of stylization an actor puts into their performance is somewhat dependent on the type of role they are playing and what is called for in the context of the film. And sometimes more character interaction with people who aren’t love interests is necessary to flesh them out a little – Hyun-joo and Tan, for instance, or Eun-sang and Won. I do not seem to have as many questions with this ep. I loved this episode.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Eileen December 11, at 9: I don’t care how scary YD’s dad was, a real mother would have fought tooth and nail to be with her child.

I am interested in quality my time, the kinds of drama I watchnot in quantity. Even as a fan, I can admit the drama had its faults: Hello Eileen, So good to hear from you!


Aww those 10 weeks went by fast.

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Happiness button activated, and we move on just like that. It such a sad way of thinking and living in my opinion. Woooo I agree too. Still not as much a s I was with Big, but still disappointed.

By referencing events from the first episode, it seemed to come full circle.

I really do hope Youngdo can have his reunion with the mother. It reminds me of the earlier Kim Tan only happier; fun playful carefree. This show is basically over, and my final verdict is that it was like ordering a Kobe Steak and getting an undercooked frozen veggy-burger. Esther Lee did not sacrifice a thing.

What the hell, Won?

That long white coat, with the dark pants and cream sweater made be go YUM! I can’t argue with anything you said: Could you and I team up so we could maybe kidnap him or something: She represents something they’re both not used to. The big party was a let down. Retrieved June 15, This is a fun episode but i really don’t get the point of the last 18 episodes then. I will be back to respond What makes you say that KES made changes midway?

Apparently, that answer was not much.

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It made me a little sad, but that hug between him and Tan was sweet. Tan and Young-do look out over the city from the rooftop, each lost in thought over his father. Tan’s mom left because the chairman said some nasty things to her. You idiot” on the site I watched the ep. His character has grown so unbelievably, and seeing him so sad just stings a little.

In fact that’s what I though the show would be like because when it was heifs playing out they highlighted the battle between the brothers a lot and all the company stuff. I can’t believe I spent 20 hours watching this. Hopefully it’ll go out on a high note.


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It looked stupid but not silly, if you know what I mean. He asked her if she wanted to cook for him every morning. Next, Tan’s actual mother.

LMH Nigeria loves u. But they’ve actually introduced so many new potential story lines I’m left thinking, “How the heck are they going to wrap all this up in the next HOUR tomorrow??? I am with Faye about this. So he just breaks up and cries for a few nights and it’s all good? I told you it was creepy: I’m glad that the writer didn’t make Tan’s mum an evil character, because that would be so annoying. Like you say, KT has mostly been episove and stalkerish, and it saddens me that so many fangirls romanticize KT’s and YD’s aggressive courtship.

You were crying, you said? I loved what you said in your last paragraph.

I will try harder to make that happen. So a couple of episodes later we get a steamy kiss in the closet. PlumWine December 13, at 5: With that said, “Heirs” probably won’t be a drama I rewatch for fun. Had KT being a side character, even with his personality, I probably would not have cared much but I could not get him as a hero.

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