Insatiable by opal carew

Well ,this just turns them on even more Oh, and it wasn't only the heroine. Maybe even from any erotica books at all!

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Jul 19, Darth rated it did not like it. She was supposed to be focusing on the love triangle with Brent and Evan, not suddenly add another man into the mix just because of his looks or his body.

Introduction to gay sex. Guess who shows up at the villa they are staying at,the now ex.


Then Evan would leave and come back. But ooal the groom shows up determined to win her back, she ends up in a highly unusual situation…on a honeymoon for three. I was in love with her. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. The characters lack any real depth but like I said I didnt read this for the plot. There was something bothering me, but I ignored it because I was interested in the book.

Insatiable by Opal Carew

The words she used were cheesy and the outline and story details were horrible. Not enough focus on the characters and the story and just a lot of sex. What about what happens if the fiance shows up in paradise to inssatiable for her? I personally, snorted every time any one of the characters thought this, because frankly…going back to normal after all these shenanigans?

Mar 03, Tosha Eldridge rated it really liked it. Evan watched Crystal stride away, then turned his gaze back Brent to find himself staring I gave up on page The characters lacked depth and direction. What I did like is how the fiance loved Crystal enough to fight for her, well maybe fight is a little too strong emotionally for what he did do, by sharing her.

They're like freaking hormonal teenagers who wish to mate with everybody.

insafiable After I finished this book, with as much sex that it contained, I felt like I needed to read something lighter. Okay, maybe it'll get better, I tell myself, but then they're off on the honeymoon trip--together. The narrator that was chosen for this book was like a wet dish mop. Apr 18, Booklover, Indianapolis rated it it was ok Shelves: This review might well include spoilers.

I was so excited t The idea of the story was good and it was off to a pretty good insagiable however, the plot didn't really flow throughout the rest of the book at least to me. She has sex with Evan twice, and then Brent shows up, desperate to not let Crystal go. I had a hard time buying into this one.

Insatiable by Opal Carew | Free Book Friday

She proposes they spent the rest of their time their as a threesome and at the end, she'll pick who she wants. She had some fondling from the booby toucher but after that she just stood on the lines looking in-in a very non sexy way. I adore Opal's books and I will continue reading them, but I probably won't reread this one in the future.

I read it for the sex and given that I enjoyed it.

Insatiable by Opal Carew

It definitely could have been more intense in places. Not known to them,the innsatiable sees them in a passionate kiss and leaves,thus standing her up.

Caught between two gorgeous guys-each determined to win her hand by showing her the most pleasure-Crystal has an impossible decision to make. It makes you wonder what else we might do that would turn her on even more.

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