You can subtitle on Viki and be part of the community too! He races into the woods on their trail, and then overtakes the reaper, and races toward Arang. I really love this short drama!! YongHwa has improved so much in acting compared to his YAB days, I hope he will keep improving and that we will be able to see it as the story develops. I had the same reaction when I watched this scene: Besides that, I was very surprised when I read she’s actually half a year older than Doojoon both were born in , while KSG is a er. A flashback reveals the source of the conflict, because Dad had wanted to pursue his own love of music classical piano , only to have his unbending father put his foot down. Why does it take so long to shoot a 10mins scene?

So he tips her chin toward him and shares his chocolate with a kiss omg why so cute and tells her again not to cry. Hulu has subs that have upped the silliness – the grim reapers aren’t translated as reapers, they’re called. But Joo Won and JunKi are two of my favourite korean actors and there are only 4 on that list. I hope it stays this way. Lee Do, meanwhile, takes out a hairpin he plans to give to Dan-bi, and practices proposing to her to stay in Joseon with him. It was like looking at a beautiful painting every time I saw the OTP together. You have to save their faces, you know. Kang Min Hyuk Main Cast.

But based on your recap, It looks promising. Also reason why “adulthood” came right around puberty and being in 20s was “middle-aged. Your email address will not be published.

Arang and the Magistrate premiered to Fortunately ztyle have a backup site dramacool. Such a memorable character that man. This feels a lot like a fantasy manhwa — with quicker pacing — in a good way. Number 3 was a warrior who called her out… but dropped dead as soon as he saw bottom-half-only-Arang. It doesn’t hurt that they are both stunning to look stjle as well.


Once I read the recap, then I realized all of those little things. Dramxcrazy he chooses the worst possible thing he could say, though unwittingly: The queen also seems to know the swordsman, and asks bitterly when he became so loyal to the king.

Gom August 20, at Thanks for recapping this one! Eun-oh hears a rustle behind him and stops. Pretty sure I draamacrazy an asphalt parking lot next to the Joseon village, and reinforced concrete footings holding up the porches suggest that this was shot in a tourist trap.

Oh and the music, too. I really love this short drama!! Thank you for the fast recap!!!! At that, he draws his sword again and stabs Dan-bi right in the gut. She ran off without her umbrella, which he took… and is holding over her right now.

Thank you for recapping this, now I get a community to squee with! He tells her bitterly that if Mirae is a nicer place to live, she can do as she pleases. Aigoooo December 25, at So I’m not the only one who noticed, hehe. In the government office, we meet the Trio Lee-bang, Hyung-bang and Ye-bang. I love Jewel in the Palace. It’s just so much fun to say.

Fashion King episode 13 English Sub

The romance development was much better fleshed out in LE2. So… not so much with the seeing styoe. I’m looking forward to the rest of the drama! Wormholes make all things possible! She runs to go tell the king, as the assassins light the room on fire with Dan-bi still inside. With her last remaining strength, Dan-bi reaches for the hairpin and clutches it in her hand.


Her hand falls on his shoulder as she falls asleep, and he shivers from the cold. I clutched my hands while watching it. I can see what they’re trying to do here. The local legend is that a ghost haunts and kills them.

To The Beautiful You Ep 1 Eng Sub Dramacrazy

That kind of overacting works well in the wacky alternate reality of a Hong Sisters drama, where a cross-dressing nun can turn into a pop star. I like dramas that entertains and do not add to my stress at work.

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The romance was epic and the OTP chemistry was out of this world. I’ve watched discovery of romance.

I’m still getting on the ride lol. I’m also glad that there was a good balance of angst and humor.

HARD with STYLE: Episode 1 by HARD with STYLE | Free Listening on SoundCloud

First it was just straight-up hilarious but then became so sentimental. It’s quite heartening to watch. I was expecting to giggle and squee a little, but not to have my heart wrung so completely, because that final scene where Lee Do was holding Dan-bi out of the sea and then let her go, actually made my heart ache a little.

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