The interactions between each character are simply so well written! Apr 1, at 6: Not wanting to wait for a natural death, our John Meyer decides to takes matter in his “capable” hands, kills his father and is now completely free to go on with his maniac plan, which involves getting rid of a kind who’s trying to make peace with the North – unacceptable for someone who earn his millions with wars – and whom he’s hated since they were at school together. The Royal Gambler Korean Drama. Romance Town Korean Drama. Love That SK is now his confidante n right hand man. The fun has be sucked out of this drama.

Nazotoki wa Dinner no Ato de Japanese Drama. This drama…I am way too emotionally invested. Valid Love Korean Drama. A Bad Family Korean Special. My head tells me why they had to do this but my heart…argh. Atashinchi no Danshi Japanese Drama. Lovely Complex Japanese Movie.

I am NOT going to imagine that!

The miscarriage was absolutely manufactured, but I think that the fact that the entire public knowing about the fact that they epjsode slept together at some point forces Jae Ha to act upon his rift with Hang Ah.

Yukan Club Japanese Drama.

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Anyway, except for the stupid old man and psycho-creepy-ugly-villain-man scenes, I loved the rest of this episode. I pooped before I left! Hana Yori Dango Japanese Drama. The Sleeping Witch Korean Special.


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He laughs that hyung was at least kind enough to die after changing those customs, so they can eat. JH completely scared me at that moment!

OUCH, but you go Mommy! A Poem a Day Korean Drama. High Society Korean Drama.

Which would be extremely naive of him. Season 2 Korean TV Show. Hi My Sweetheart Taiwanese Drama.

Thank you for the superb recap kikchidrama again: Jae-ha finishes a phone call and crouches, weary, barely holding it together. Ani ni Aisaresugite Komattemasu Japanese Harts. Forget Me Not Japanese Movie. There are two other bloggers who are doing amazing recaps of TK2H!

Mother is shocked while Jae Shin is furious and wants to go talk to her brother. I agree with u. A number of ways this could have happened where Club M never used David Craig at all. So no easy solutions and free lunches. The Legendary Lackey Korean Special. City Hunter Korean Drama.

Todome no Kiss Japanese Drama.

I love all the cast. Both Hamlet and BG were unable to mature and both are trying to seek attention in slightly different ways. Please correct me if Hexrts wrong, But in the article I’ve read only onethe fans of RP seem enraged at the night, because it’s only epi8 and RP don’t show epi.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. Cat Street Japanese Drama. Would love to know how they would feel if they also knew he shot her! Also I just wanted to point out: Also kissing, sleeping with someone doesn’t necessary mean you love that person lol.


Ice cream plus chocolate plus kong pants are not going have any effect on the waiting til next Wednesday, but i run through them anyway. I am confused I really love this drama and the dark background. It actually is a very good sign since it proves both are fertile. There is a lunatic there that they need to immediately capture or kill. Thumping Spike 2 Korean Drama. My Dear Loser Series: Joy April 13, at 4: Nihonjin no Shiranai Nihongo Japanese Drama.


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At the hospital, Mom tends to Jae-shin, not noticing that she sneaks a comb from the nightstand. The situation in the front half of the preview is a classic setup: The Thieves Korean Movie. Flying Colors Japanese Movie. Why treat her badly after she did a dinner for him and all?

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