This PR stunt literally makes me sick. The doctors kept telling me it was allergies. Why should I have to fight so hard to make right what Dow has done wrong! Fri, 19 Dec Not Applicable H6 Headings: Good Fucking Design Advice – goodfuckingdesignadvice. You have just hosted open house and a potential buyer and his family are very interested.

The layout includes large bedrooms, wide hallways, bonus room, and Send editorials to editorial trwnews. If you notice any errors in the below information, please contact our Webmaster. Your zoom level may have changed. It has a global traffic rank of 22,, in the world. Good Fucking Design Advice – goodfuckingdesignadvice. Panel concluded that dioxin was no risk. Any unusual illnesses at these residences?

Dow makes me sick how they give an impression of helping any in the international community, yet poison, and show lack of regard for those in their immediate community. A home on Valley drive experiences flooding from backup through a footing drain.

West Sugnet Road floods at Snake creek. I have to advise you that the property by the river is contaminated with high levels of dioxin and that the MDEQ warns children should not play in soil or sediment that is known to contain elevated levels of dioxins. It is a tragedy that each of us must be at risk for the benefit of few.

Sea kayak en Patagonia, Puerto Natales, Chile – tutravesia.

Discussion scheduled for Monday on dioxin cleanup in Tittabawassee River

Your zoom level may have changed. Streets north of isabella and east of vance roads will flood.

Low Water Records 1 8. I joked around and blamed it on the water. For more information go to: This deceit has resulted in many past, current and future health problems. People are afraid to rivsr into their yards, visiting friends are afraid to drink the water, anti-anxiety pills are being prescribed, blood pressures are rising, people may have actually died because of this.


One was a 25 year old man just entering the prime of his life. I used to work for Dow but left the company early in my career, partly because I was sick as to how this company operates as to issues like this. Note this web site is out of date and content is heavily influenced by Dow propaganda. We are making such material available in an effort to advance understanding of environmental, political, human rights, economic, democracy, scientific, and social justice issues, etc.

Three homes on Bark Lane flood. I guess Dow is tittabzwassee like any corporation that puts their bottom line over the health and safety of individuals in their community.

Saginaw Road will flood from east of sturgeon creek drive to west of w Main Street. What homes sell for in relation to the asking price is interesting, but if the asking prices are less than they would be without the contamination, then the survey results are essentially meaningless.

Those living on contaminated property were tossed aside long ago as was the Bay and the people living by the dredging dump on the Saginaw River.

Working in healthcare, i have seen firsthand the results of so-called “safe” substances only to discover the true results years later. Interpreting hydrographs and NWS watch, warnings, and forecasts, and inundation maps. It is meant to preserve the document for teaching purposes, when sometimes the URL’S are changed when sites are updated, or sites are eliminated.

You are doing wonderful work.

Trwnews : Tittabawassee River Watch Home page

TRW does not receive a penny on sales of this documentary. I lived in the Saginaw bay area for most of my life. Perrine road, Gibson, Joanne, Valorie and Belmont streets flood. Tihtabawassee on the running board into the velvety back of the old blue Chrysler, past the putting greens, the cemetery, over the Tittabawassee on its bumpy bridge, to the straight gravel road by fields and woods, and on to the turn at last—the new green sign to our farm!


Several homes along Sturgeon creek Valley drive begin to flood. Please contact Michelle Hurd Riddick to purchase at michdave aol. Search by city or zip code. Do we even have a local health department.

Real Estate What homes sell for in relation to the asking price is interesting, but if the asking prices are less than they would be without the contamination, then the survey results are essentially tittabawaxsee. Not Applicable H3 Headings: Press enter or select the go button to submit request. Saturdays A whiff of eggs and bacon, my red plaid shirt with snaps, blue jeans that zip up the side—I’m running downstairs, my mother’s laughing, still in her apron, on her tiptoes for rver picnic basket.

It has a global traffic rank of 22, in the world. Dow will control the EPA just like they did the last two governors. My father’s calling from the basement stairs, already pulling his high-tops on, my brothers scrambling in the hall closet for theirs.

Sturgeon creek parkway and Sturgeon Road flood north of Saginaw Road. Pfeiffer court floods at the east end. All of our local elected officials in Lansing and on the county board have been very lame in dealing with this issue. State senator, Bill Schutte running for appeals judge is a Dow heir. Dow CEO had a fundraiser for Tony at his home. However, that is much more difficult to do, so that is probably why they just looked at asking prices. The loss of property use, and destruction of property values is of great concern.

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