The rogue trudi canavan

Her prose felt smooth and delicate, without realising it 50 pages of The Rogue could fly by with no problem, even considering the slow plotting. Exit West Mohsin Hamid. The worst offender is the thread where a naive novice is introduced who is lead astray by an older girl, and it is blindingly obvious what was going on almost immediately. The Last Wish Andrzej Sapkowski.

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In her books the gay characters seem to pair off with each other ONLY roguf they are gay and no other reason, if there are two gay characters in the same vicinity they will try to screw each other. Foxglove Summer Ben Aaronovitch. There is no need to take us in detail through the whole This book suffers from the same affliction as the first installment in the series: The only thing that could have been a bit interesting was Naki's "plot twist", but all the entertainment is lost when it's such a predictable turn of events.

I guess this review reflects my frustration with the series, especially as I know Trudi Canavan is capable of far bigger and better things.

The plot moved much more steadily and continues to not revolve around the magical abilities of the characters as a device to move forward. You can check out my full, xanavan review and others like it Blogs of a Bookaholic. The plot wasn't all bad but the bland characters made everything so boring.

The Rogue by Trudi Canavan

Aug 22, Lauren rated it really liked it. And back home, in the University, two young novices are about to remind the Guild that sometimes their greatest enemy comes from within.

Yet another character gets dragged into the series. That's definitely not a coincidence and I find it distasteful. The Fall of Gondolin J.

Sword of Destiny Andrzej Sapkowski. Bond rated it really liked it. Especially when Achati is around Can't wait for, but will also regret, the conclusion of this enjoyable story. As political tension rises, new factions come into play and new alliances are forged. Things happened very slowly escpesially in the beginning and the constant change of the different storylines alternated between being somehow relieving or being terribly annoing - the moment you really wanted to know what happened next the story changed to a different character.

Not a lot happened. This book was definitely an improvement from the first book of the series. Granted I didn't robue much progress but I would have liked to have seen some.

The characters in The Rogue are pretty much the same as in The Ambassador's Mission, with a few new additions, which took some getting to know before it got interesting. The trilogy is now rated by Nielsen BookScan as the most successful debut fantasy series of the last 10 years.

Recommended to Canavan's fans and general fantasy readers. As a consequence my favourite character in this book was Naki, yes, she may have been canzvan supremely selfish, manipulative bitch who seduced a naive idiot so that she could frame her all so that she could do what she wanted without rogu restrained by the guild. The Silvered Tanya Huff 9. Moon Over Soho Ben Aaronovitch.

The Rogue : Trudi Canavan :

By this I mean when an author publishes books from the same universe, but not necessarily the same time; allowing themselves to tell a larger-form story over a period of decades or centuries. The Tower of the Swallow Andrzej Sapkowski. Stumbled across this on my bookshelf when we were rearranging the study and I love Trudi Canavan's work.

Still I do want to know how it all will end. More about Trudi Canavan I've just contemplated about it.

The Rogue : Book 2 of the Traitor Spy

The Traitor Spy was interesting during the first book, but this one was trdui disappointment I must say. People who bought this also bought.

In general, she repeats a lot of information.

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