The team, invigorated by Kei’s victory, go after the red statue. Sakuraoka picks up Kei and flees with Katou. Apr 13, to Jun 22, Status: His cold rationality enrages the others, but Nishi makes it clear that he is stronger than they are by clenching Katou’s wrist. Tetsu, testing out his gun he obtained from Gantz, sees that it works outside of the game too. Kei is jubilant, believing he has killed them all, until the boss emerges from the rubble and grabs Haruya. Movie Broken Wrong Movie Other.

We see the bullies plan to beat up Katou after school, with a much bigger, older bully also appearing. The group turn on Kei, suspecting him of being an alien that they must kill. See Wikipedia’s guide to writing better articles for suggestions. The team, invigorated by Kei’s victory, go after the red statue. The politician tries to get home, but his head inexplicably blows up after a while. We see Katou and his younger brother being denied food from their aunt. Kei and Muroto face off for a final battle, in which Muroto’s past is revealed as one of abuse. Seek forward and backward by 5 seconds.

Kishimoto feels guilty and leaves Kei’s apartment, telling him that she thought he was “really cool”. He then begins to get annoyed watcch the rest of the team holding him in such high regard. Gore, rape, and violence is rampant, as are portrayals of greed, violence, and all the ugliness that one sees in society today.

In the heat of the argument he threatens to shoot her, but he backs down. The red statue grabs Kei with its other remaining hand as he jumps off the arm he just destroyed and tries to crush him in its hand. Movie Broken Wrong Movie Other.

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He watches her die and is cornered himself, and also dies. Kei-chan fires his weapon that sends the creature into space.

He expresses his intent to rape him rather than beat him up. Nishi explains he has been coming to the room for a long time, that it makes fax copies of people just before they die.

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Kei, without a suit, follows the Suzuki alien until he angers it by flicking one of its birds off his shoulder. Kei propositions sex, and Kishimoto reluctantly agrees before stopping him.


Archived from the original on Kei accompanies Kishimoto to her former home, and she cries as she sees that Nishi was telling the truth; their former real-world positions have been replaced.

CS1 Japanese-language sources ja Wikipedia articles with style issues from April All articles with style issues Wikipedia articles with plot summary needing attention from August All Wikipedia articles with plot summary needing attention Articles containing Japanese-language text Episode list using the default LineColor. Kei cannot stand the injustice and tells the leader of the gang that he will give him the money in place of the man on the ground having to.

Spoilers – Do not post them! He goes on to say that there are no leaders in the game; just competitors.

They are on-topic and relevant Anime related. Kei is thrown into the deadly “game”. The Buddhist priest tries to pray to stop the red statue, but it has no effect and easily crushes him. The Suzuki scream which makes Kei start shooting at them.

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These shortcuts only works with our main server and external servers that support the standard. Kei shoots the statue in the head, leaving a gaping hole. The men appear in a cupboard with Kei’s teacher hostage. He goes out to buy milk for their baby, but runs into trouble on the way back with a eisode who surround him. What happens if he does not listen? Have an issue with the staff or wish to file a ban appea, click here. Everyone goes off looking for the alien after Nishi shows them a GPS indicating the alien and tells them that there is a reward for killing it.

The men take the guns but ignore the suits, except Kei who puts one on. They spent their last moments together and had shared a kiss before dying. In the room, Katou gets five points, Hojo whom Gantz nicknames “homo” and Kishimoto get ten each while Kei gets 38, the most of anybody thus far. Nishi and the alien face off in a canal.

It does so, and he is transported in his suit to the room with nine new people; they work out Tetsu must have died somehow when they find him missing. The team do little but watch as is tries to kill Kei – all except for one man, a sniper on the roof, who shoots first its head and then the arm holding Kei.


While this is happening, Kinji’s head blows off when he tries to leave the perimeter. Kei and Muroto face off for a final battle, in which Muroto’s past is revealed as one of abuse. The red statue appears to be significantly more powerful than the green statue.

They try to shoot at the feet of the hobo hunters to distract them so the homeless man can get away, but Mirafuji starts shooting at random, not caring if he hits the men or statues.

This section’s plot summaries may be too long or excessively detailed. The grandmother takes on the two aliens, giving the child a chance to run away, but he runs back, too concerned about his grandmother to leave her. Kei takes out one of its legs, but it remains standing.

Nishi screams for someone to kill the alien. They eventually leave and all four manage to avoid being crushed.

The schoolteacher accidentally shoots the Yakuza being held by Neigi Seijin, which accounts for the penultimate death.

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Views Read Edit View history. When Kei threatens him with a gun, he makes himself invisible and leaves the area. When they get away, she tells him that Sakuraoka had earlier given her a book, the one she told Kei that they would pick up together. We see the bullies plan to beat up Katou after school, with a much bigger, older bully also appearing. Four players attempt to go home, and Katou chases after them to try and stop them.

Three people rush it, but Kei darts past all of them to get to it first. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Haruya, the boy and the grandmother flee back to the canal. Comments containing intentional and unprovoked spoilers posts like “X is the Beast Titan” “X is Y’s brother” that are clearly not theories or guesses will result in an instant ban.

It is unknown whether Kei lives or not; following the credits, gzntz is a shot of a train speeding through the empty station, peisode no-one in sight.

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